Grant Programs

On behalf of our valued brand partners, Fleet Feet, Incorporated created a grant program to support charitable organizations in your local communities.  We wish to recognize you for all of the work you do to support important needs in your local communities, and at the same time, we want to show our appreciation of our major vendor partners for their ongoing support of our brand.

 Fleet Feet, Incorporated has donated a total of $25,000 to fund five charitable causes ($5,000 each). 

Brooks Sports - Fleet Feet Sports Madison, WI

Fleet Feet Sports Madison, Wisconsin, created Miler in Training, a program with the goal of fighting obesity through prevention in one of their city’s most under-served neighborhoods. This grant will allow them to provide a consistent commitment to these less fortunate children ages 10 to 14 over the next three years and to reach at least 100 children per year.  Thank you to Jessica and Matt Anderson of Feet Sports Madison. 

Saucony  - Fleet Feet Sports Orlando, FL

Fleet Feet Sports Orlando is reaching out to the youth through their Starting Line Youth Fitness Program. This year, they taught over 250 children about the benefits of running and staying physically fit. Their after school program not only reached the participating children but also their parents, inspiring everyone to walk or run at home together. Thank you to Stacey and Eric for all of their tremendous support of their community.

Superfeet - Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento, CA

In 2000, Project Fit, a free after school running club for elementary schools began. Project Fit is now well underway reaching ten schools and over 500 kids. Of the ten schools, six are in low socio-economic communities, and several schools have more than 80 children participating. This grant goes to Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento.

New Balance - Fleet Feet Sports Syracuse, NY

Fleet Feet Sports Syracuse has already led a successful walking program changing lives for countless homeless men in their local rescue mission’s Crossroads Program.  In 2011 they plan to grow this initiative and involve even more people in bettering their community through city wide runs to promote leading a healthier lifestyle and through clean up efforts to promote pride in their community.

Balega - Fleet Feet Sports Winston-Salem, NC

Fleet Feet Sports Winston-Salem, NC  created Feet First which started as an idea to distribute properly fitted footwear to homeless, who are often on their feet.  The vision has now grown to fit and serve under-privileged children and families.  Mission: Feet First will travel locally to provide a compassionate and personally interactive “FIT” experience. As Keith wrote in his application, “We want to touch their souls as much as we will be touching their feet.”

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