Robert Espinoza - Event Director of the Month

The Edge Newsletter Announces: Robert Espinoza - Event Director of the Month
Founder, Fleet Feet Sports Savannah
Robert Espinoza 
Founder, Fleet Feet Sports Savannah
Robert Espinoza says, "Put on an event, not just a race. It's like setting a dinner table – the better the spread; the more people want to eat." As the president, owner and operator of Fleet Feet Sports in Savannah, Georgia, Robert has put on more than just a dinner party or race. Espinoza has almost single-handedly kick started the running scene in Savannah. 
Nine years ago, Robert opened his shoe store in Savannah after moving from Austin, Texas. Since then, he helped start the first Susan G. Komen Savannah Race for the Cure in 2009 and partnered with the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series – which is sold-out for the inaugural full and half marathons to take place on November 5th of this year in Savannah. As the race director for the Savannah River Bridge Run, Robert has increased participation to nearly 6,000 attendees. Since becoming the director for Critz Tybee Run in 2009, the event has sold out in 2010 and 2011 and will be expanded to a two-day running festival in 2012. 
Not only has Robert helped grow the participation for major Savannah running events, he also helps put on smaller events as much as possible. Robert contributes to 5K races nearly every weekend that help numerous charities raise money and increase awareness for their causes. In April of 2010, major Savannah news station, WTOC, named Robert a Hometown Hero for the "positive impact he has had on the city of Savannah and its residents, charities, runners and walkers." 
Robert seems to have mastered the art of attracting attendees to his endurance events. He mentioned that the key to getting participants, managing the process, and building the community is to make it fun. He always strives to get as much of the community involved by playing music, offering great food, and having costume contests, "kiddie" runs, guest speakers, and other post-race activities. After building the fun into the event, he makes sure to market and promote the event through many avenues. 
For his race events, Espinoza offers online registration and payment processing through Active Network. Next, he typically sets up a Facebook page for the race to further spread the word. After that, he creates an individual page on the Fleet Feet Savannah website dedicated to the race event. And finally, by distributing an upcoming race calendar, spreading the word through news and radio stations, offering training groups that work towards the event, and advertising a bit more, Robert has successfully built an endurance event. Click here to learn more about how to drive registrations with Active's unique marketing services. 
As a client of Active Network, Endurance, Robert Espinoza embodies the traits not only of a great race director, but also a powerful change-maker. For that, he is our Event Director of the Month.
To learn more about Robert and Fleet Feet Sports, visit his website here.

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